Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Guys on the floor rubbing my big back door!

We now jump ahead to modern day La Toya and her much delayed new album.

After a long hiatus La Toya returned to the Billboard charts in October 2004 with Just Wanna Dance, the first single from her upcoming album Startin' Over. Several awesome remixes were issued and the promo was issued to clubs under the pseudonym of "Toy" to remove any stigma attached to her name and it worked as it became her biggest hit ever on the Billboard dance charts. A commercial release however didn't happen as her record company Ja-Tail had no distribution deal. However they do now and we're promised that a rejigged Startin' Over will be coming soon and will be full of pumping club tracks - we can't wait!

Just Wanna Dance attracted a whole new fan base to La Toya, so take a listen to the Vibelicious Radio Edit and see if you can resist!

Check out an unofficial music video edited by Jaime of the Church of La Toya and a drag video to one of the hot mixes.

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